The sand casting is a flexible manufacturing method which allows designing and manufacturing complex parts from the metals and alloys. The process of manufacturing the desired parts and shapes by pouring molten metal in a mould cavity made of sand and then solidifying it into a 3D object is known as sand casting. The sand casting is the most common metal casting method as the sand insulates properly and it is a reliable source for constructing flexible molds. The sand casting method is used by various technologies as it is an ideal and convenient process to manufacture. Various sectors that uses sand castings are blowers, impellers , different kinds of pistons & valves, electronic equipments, gas/oil tanks, cams, bushing, bearings, hardware, engine blocks, automobile parts, screws, nuts, gears, agriculture machines, medical equipments, mining equipments, engine blocks, cylinder heads etc. Our collection of sand castings are aluminum bronze castings, gun metal (bronze) castings, phosp bronze castings, manganese bronze castings, silicon bronze castings, monel castings, alloy steel castings, stainless steel castings, duplex stainless steel castings, nickel base alloys casting, and cupronickel casting. Entire collection of casting is manufactured with premium and authentic materials with modern technologies.

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