Phosp Bronze Castings

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  • PB-1,PB-2,PB-3,PB-4
  • ASTM 427- C 90800, C 91700, C 90700, C 91600, C 92900

In the production of bronze casting, during melting the phosphorus is added which acts as a deoxidizing agent. Phosphorus helps to improve the molten metal’s fluidity, castablity and mechanical properties. Generally, they are used for bolts, springs and other areas with chemical corrosion. Moreover, they are mostly used in cryogenics. They are widely known for their strength, toughness, fine grain and low coefficient of friction. These phosp bronze castings are ideal for obtaining dimensional accuracy. We offer the phosp bronze castings with sturdy construction and ideal combination of thermal & electrical conductivity. We are a foremost phosp bronze castings manufacturer of the industry. We are engaged in supplying extensive range of phosp bronze casting all over India. Phosp Bronze is used in the manufacturing of springs, fasteners, and bolts. It used in situations where resistance to fatigue, wear and chemical corrosion are required

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  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Easily Affordable Prices
  • Durability

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