Gravity Die Castings

Gravity Die Castings Manufacturer

The gravity die casting is a repeatable casting process suitable for non-ferrous alloy parts like zinc, aluminium, and copper base alloys. This type of die casting is ideal for medium to high volume products using permanent mold. It is a versatile process for manufacturing parts from metals. The molten metal is used to form the mold cavity to produce the desired metal parts. No additional force is required in this metal casting. Gravity die casting offers excellent strength and surface finish. As it is a reusable or repeatable process, the gravity dies casting is a cost-effective method. Thus, the gravity die casting is used widely in the industries for casting metals. We have aaluminium alloys castings for gravity die castings. All the castings are manufactured with top quality metals and alloys. The gravity die castings are certified, and they are tested on all the parameters. All the casts manufactured by our employed skillful engineers offer good dimensional accuracy and high tensile strength. We have served our exclusive range of gravity die castings in many industries in India. We are the manufacturer and supplier of gravity die castings in the industry.