Alluminium Bronze Castings


  • ASTM B148 – C 95200, C 95300, C 95400, C 95410, C 95500, C 95520, C 95600, C 95700, C 95800, C 95820, C 95900
  • BS 1400 – AB1,AB2
  • IS 305 – AB1,AB2

We are famous for Aluminium Bronze Casting Manufacturer, Aluminium Bronze Casting Exporter, Aluminium Bronze Casting Supplier, Aluminium Bronze Casting India. Aluminum Bronze is commonly used in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Aerospace, and Petrochemical sectors, where its non-sparking and corrosion-resistant qualities make it ideal for ecologically demanding applications with a high danger of fire or explosion.

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The premium range of aluminum bronze casting manufactured by our skillful engineers offers excellent welding characteristics and brilliant mechanical properties. The aluminum bronze castings are formed by adding aluminum to copper. The grade of aluminum bronze is established by the percentage amount of aluminum. Generally, they are used in sour mine waters, industrial process fluids, marine hardware, and non-oxidizing acids. These are suitable for heavy-duty applications. We are a reliable aluminum bronze casting manufacturer in India. Furthermore, we are a prominent aluminum bronze casting supplier in the industry. Our range of aluminum bronze castings offers toughness and excellent casting characteristics.

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  • Immense strength
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Robust construction

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